Academic Support Programs

For Faculty

Our programs are for all undergraduates at the University of Washington. Our goal is to complement, but not replace, the relationships that students have with professors and advisers. Here are some ways that you can get involved with Academic Support Programs.

Scheduling a Visit from a CLUE Tutor

Interested in having a CLUE tutor come in and talk about our services? Please fill out this form with 1) your contact information, 2) the time and location of your class/meeting, and 3) what you’d like us to focus on. Afterward, we'll send you an email to follow-up and schedule a 5 - 10 minute presentation!

We're happy to stop by FIG classes, quiz sections, chapter meetings for sorority and fraternity life, or anything else you need!

The CLUE Writing Center

Our services for faculty include:

Tips for Working with the Writing Center

Try this: Require a visit between the first and second drafts of an early paper assignment. This gives students the opportunity to visit early enough in the quarter to see how we can help them and reinforces the drafting process that many instructors encourage.