Academic Support Programs


We can help with the following subjects and courses:

Drop-in tutoring is offered during CLUE operating hours, 7-11 p.m., Sunday-Thursday. It is a one-on-one tutoring session between you and a tutor. You are expected to bring your own questions and our tutors can help answer them. These sessions are typically 15-20 minutes long. 

Scheduled appointments can be arranged through our website. Students can select available times for them and the tutor outside of CLUE hours. These sessions are typically 30 mins long, and function similarly as drop-in sessions.

Exam reviews are for 11X/12X exam at least two days before the exam takes place. These are led by one or two of our physics tutors and they generally last 90 minutes.

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Drop-in Tutoring (In person)

To attend in person tutoring, bring your Husky card to Mary Gates Hall and check in with the Front Desk Manager (FDM). You will need your Husky card to get into the building. 

As per UW policy, all students and CLUE staff will be required to wear masks while in Mary Gates Hall.


Drop-in Virtual Tutoring

highlight_off Drop-in is currently closed. Visit the CLUE homepage for information on our open hours.


Schedule an Appointment

Available now for Writing, Physics, Chemistry, Math, Biology, Econ, and Stats! 

Please limit your scheduling to 2 appointments per day, per subject. We are currently operating at reduced capactiy and would like to support all students seeking resources. At CLUE, we also want to encourage you to independently learn outside of your tutoring sessions. You are welcome to schedule appointments in advance but we ask that you only make 2 appointments per day, per subject. Thank you! If you have any questions about this, please email


Discussion Sessions & Exam Reviews

There are no discussion sessions and exam reviews for Summer quarter. Check back in the Fall!

These include courses outside of our main subject areas. Check to see if your course is listed! More will be added throughout the quarter.

Frequently Asked Questions

We try to equip our students with general problem-solving skills that are transferable to classes beyond physics. There is obviously an emphasis on physics coursework, but many of our approaches to physics underpin a broad range of problems in STEM.

You can expect tutors to ask leading questions, give constructive feedback, and foster independent learning & growth mindsets.

Make sure to bring your questions ready to be asked, a functional calculator, and a distraction free state of mind!

On busy nights, we try to keep our sessions under half an hour, but if there aren’t many students in the queue, we tend to spend more time for each student.

Simple! Just get back into the physics queue before 10:45 p.m. (or earlier if the questions on hand are formidable) and someone should be able to see you.