Academic Support Programs

Francisco, He/Him

Major: Bioengineering

More about me

I am from Yakima which is in eastern Washington. I'm a middle child (out of 5) and have a chihuahua. I am first generation, both my parents are from Oaxaca (Mexico), and I come from a migrant working family.

Career goals

After college I would like to explore industry for a year and if I like it I will stay, but its not a right fit I will go back to school. At the moment I would either chose a PhD program or go to medical school.


I like going to the IMA ! I also tried to get into reading, but I only read 2 books over the summer.

Notable academic challenge

I think one of my hardest challenges here at UW was starting the core classes for my major. They were definitely a step up and required more time, effort, and built a lot on previous knowledge. This was especially difficult as I did not know anyone in my major, so it was hard to find a support system. However, once I found a good group of friends in the major I was able to get help and bounce back to do better in my courses.