Academic Support Programs

Exam Reviews @ CLUE

CLUE is the largest interdisciplinary late-night tutoring center at UW. Our primary aim is to support undergraduate students in their academic journey. 

CLUE facilitates exam reviews for the following courses, focusing on the three on-sequence courses with highest student enrollment each quarter:

Frequently Asked Questions

Exam review tutors, working in pairs, will choose 4-6 problems that they have identified as representative of the material that will likely be covered on the exam. These problems are chosen through reviewing the course Canvas site (if they have access), discussions with drop-in tutors about common questions students are coming in for help with, and personal experience of taking those courses. 

Tutors prepare a slide deck to assist in exam review structure and pacing. Problems are shown to students, students are given some independent work time to solve it, and then tutors walk through solutions (with references to other material, such as textbooks, course notes or outside resources) to support student understanding. Sessions are held synchronously over Zoom, last about 1.5 hours total and take place in the evening a couple of days before the scheduled exam date. 

All of our tutors, who come from diverse disciplinary backgrounds, are also students at the University of Washington. Peer-to-peer collaboration stimulates critical thinking and helps students clarify questions through discussion. Being outside of the department offers another resource for students that may be unable to attend in-person or daytime offerings to utilize. 

For instructors in the above courses, the CLUE Large Learning Environment Assistant will connect before the start of the quarter to request Canvas view-only access for our exam review tutors. The reasons we appreciate Canvas access for our tutors is to ensure an accurate schedule for reviews and to adjust the types of problems the tutors cover so that they are reflective of current topics/materials.

We recognize that instructors may not always be able to give our tutors access to Canvas. If that is the case, a syllabus outlining general topics covered each week along with proposed exam dates is helpful for our team.