Academic Support Programs

Mission & Vision

Academic Support Programs creates transformative educational experiences to help undergraduates thrive academically at the University of Washington.


Committed to a diverse and inclusive university, we develop varied models of support to help all our students succeed. These models include a multidisciplinary study center (The Center for Learning and Undergraduate Enrichment, or CLUE), Academic Success Coaching, and collaboration with campus partners.


We believe in the potential of all students at the University of Washington — and that educational support, which includes compassion, commitment, equity, and patience, can help students realize this potential.

Central aspects of our work

Organic Learning Communities 
We work to promote the growth and development of student learning communities that are based on shared needs, interests, and mutual investment in academic success.

Concept-Based Academic Support 
Concept-based academic support creates independent learners who are able to drive their own academic progress.

Team Teaching 
Our tutors join a community of learners when they come to work at CLUE; we consider team-teaching to be a core part of our educational philosophy.

Respect for the Individual
We empower learners by meeting them at their current skill level while encouraging them to take risks and accept challenges.