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Academic Success Coaching

Just as a sports coach encourages you to achieve your goals, our coaches help you identify and overcome academic challenges. Academic Success Coaching focuses on building the basic skills described below and is not academic advising, personal counseling, a disciplinary meeting, or individual tutoring. Through a series of one-on-one appointments, you will work with a coach to get from where you are now academically to where you want to be, and create a secure foundation for success in college.

Develop skills


Effective study strategies


Time management


Setting and working towards goals


Finding campus resources



Get started

Begin by meeting with one of our coaches. This summer our coaches are available to meet virtually through Zoom. Each appointment will be thirty minutes long. If you have any questions, please email

Types of appointments

Academic Success Coaching sessions are available for all students at the University of Washington. 

Reinstatement Coaching is available for students who have been reinstated and support the transition back to the University of Washington, in partnership with the Reinstatement Committee for Pre-majors, College of Arts & Sciences majors, EOP, SSS, and CAMP affiliates.

Schedule an appointment

For the summer, you can choose to meet with a coach virtually (on Zoom). You may schedule an appointment using the link below. Details will be sent to you in a confirmation email after you schedule an appointment. If the available times do not work for your schedule, please contact to find a time that works best for you.

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Meet the coaches

Angel, He/Him

Major: Public Health-Global Health
Meet your coach: View video
I’m a first-generation college student working towards a B.A. in public health. I’m excited to be an academic success coach because I understand how discouraging it is to see a drop in academic performance and how overwhelming the unfamiliarity of college can be, especially early on. I hope to provide students with the knowledge that I have accumulated these past few years to lessen the stress students experience and enable them to thrive in a new setting.
Career goals I have aspirations of becoming a physician that focuses on addressing the underlying social issues and improving clinical outcomes for marginalized groups. I hope to contribute to a shift in the way people think about immigrant health to an awareness that whether they are documented or not, all people are entitled to live in conditions that facilitate positive health outcomes.
Hobbies I like playing video games with friends, watching tv shows with my sister, and hanging out with my dog.
Notable academic challengeOne of my notable academic challenges came from a course I was taking for writing credit. Writing continues to be a skill I’m working to improve, and this particular course required me to write in an unfamiliar style. Although I knew that it took me a bit longer to compose a piece of writing, I still could not manage my time well, and as a result, I submitted my essay late and scored poorly. With two papers left to write for the course, I met with my professor to see how I could improve. I created a schedule that helped me stay on top of the long and dense readings and made sure to add a little bit to the paper every day to ensure that a ten-page paper did not sneak up on me on the due date. With a plan in place and some helpful advice from my professor, I scored much better on the following two papers, making writing a bit less daunting.

Wintana, She/Her

Major: Informatics
Meet your coach: View video
My journey to and at UW was not smooth, but I've learned a lot along the way about how to make the most of your college experience while still succeeding academically. I'm excited to share what I've learned with all of you and help you find strategies to reach your academic goals while still taking care of yourself!
Career goals I'm passionate about technology, education, and/or diversity, equity, & inclusion, and am interested in program management roles within these areas.
Hobbies I love to travel, dance, and journal! I try to leave Seattle every chance I get and love exploring new places and meeting new people. I also really enjoy letting loose and expressing myself through dance. One of my most consistent hobbies has been writing, reflecting, and documenting my life through journaling.
Notable academic challengeI joined a coding class in Week 3 of my first quarter at UW. That class was my first time coding, and needless to say I struggled! A few more weeks into the quarter, I found a system that worked for me, but my grade was still suffering. I decided to drop the class and retake it the next quarter. When I took it again, I got a much better grade. This experience taught me that your grades don't show how smart you are. I didn't get smarter the next quarter I took the class. I just had more efficient study techniques, devoted more time to the homework, and shamelessly asked for help.

Jeffrey, He/Him

Major: Communication
Meet your coach: View video
I became an academic success coach to help students through their college journey. Sometimes that journey comes with bumps in the road from personal hardships to academic struggles. For me, dealing with the expectations along with the multitude of personal struggles, hard classes, and confusing nature of majors has made my college journey, a rollercoaster to say the least, filled with plenty of down moments. That struggle and being lost pushed me to be an academic success coach. I spent years learning how to cope with all the issues as well as fundamentally improve by focusing and understanding myself. Like any good coach, my goal is to adjust to who you are as a person and your specific skill set, ultimately helping bring out your best to succeed in the college atmosphere.
Career goals I am interested in human resources or counseling. My goal is to provide advice to various groups of people to the best of my ability no matter which field I end up pursing. My goals involve the success of the people around me and their fundamental growth in whatever they want to be successful at.
Hobbies Spending time with family, playing card games and board games, video games especially Nintendo party games like Mario Kart, Super Smash, and Mario Party, watching and analyzing sports (all kinds but especially basketball and football), food connoisseur (love to try food from small businesses in the area and critic)
Notable academic challengeTime Management

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect a coaching session to look like?

Every coaching session is personalized for you and depends on what you want to talk with an Academic Success Coach about. Coaches typically try to get to know you and what your current strategies for balancing your academics are. Coaches will ask you a few questions about your habits and work with you to find potential areas of change or growth. Our hope is that this is an interactive process where coaches work with you to reach your academic goals. It is okay if you don’t know where to start. We are here to help! Coaches will share strategies and various resources based on the conversation. In addition, they will help connect you with any campus resources that would be most helpful for you.

What should I bring to a coaching session?

Yourself and any questions you have! You do not need to have all of your questions prepared ahead of time as coaches are available to talk about anything that is most important to you. If you would like to connect with another peer at UW, our coaches are available to chat with you. If you do have specific questions, please feel free to bring those to your session and let the coach know what you would like to talk about.

How can I meet with an Academic Success Coach?

During the academic year, Academic Success Coaches are available for both in-person and virtual appointments. In-person appointments will take place in Mary Gates Hall. Virtual appointments will be through Zoom. Coaching appointments can be scheduled by using our scheduling link. You can schedule an appointment with any of our coaches. Above, you can read more about each coach or watch a video introduction to learn about their major, career goals, and interests. All of our coaches would love to meet with you, but if you see something that resonates with you, feel free to make an appointment with a specific coach. If you have any questions, please email

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Other UW Coaches

Our program is aimed at overcoming academic challenges and fostering academic success. There is a complementary UW program offered by our partners in LiveWell called Peer Wellness Coaching. It is dedicated to health and wellness topics, skills, and development.