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We can help with the following subjects and courses:

Drop-in tutoring is offered during CLUE operating hours, 7-11 p.m., Sunday-Thursday. It is a one-on-one tutoring session between you and a tutor. You are expected to bring your own questions and our tutors can help answer them. These sessions are typically 15-20 minutes long. 

Scheduled appointments can be arranged through our website. Students can select available times for them and the tutor outside of CLUE hours. These sessions are typically 30 mins long, and function similarly as drop-in sessions.

Exam reviews are offered for CHEM 142, 152 and 162 and the on quarter Organic Chemistry course. For example, CHEM 237 is the on quarter course in the fall and CHEM 238 is the on quarter course in the winter. During the exam review session, you will work through a worksheet that is made by the CLUE Chemistry team. Our tutors will present our approach to each problem and also a detailed explanation for the answer. The exam review session is typically 1.5 hours long.

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In-person Drop-in Tutoring

We will not have in person tutoring for the first month of the quarter. We plan to resume in person tutoring on February 7th, 2022. Check out our virtual queue instead!

Bring your Husky card to Mary Gates Hall Commons to check in at the front desk. Husky card access is needed to get into the building. 

Thank you for your patience with our staff as we operate in multiple modalities to support all students! Wait times may be longer than before but we will do our best to meet with all students. 

As per UW policy, all students and CLUE staff will be required to wear masks while in Mary Gates Hall. If the wait time is long, we have virtual tutors available to help as well!


Virtual Drop-in Tutoring

check_circle Drop-in is currently open.


Schedule a Virtual Appointment

Available for Writing, Physics, and Math. 

We are still finalizing our schedule so we will be adding additional subjects for scheduled appointments soon.

You are welcome to schedule appointments in advance but we ask that you only make 2 appointments per day, per subject. Once you make an appointment through Microsoft Bookings, you will receive an email confirmation with the appropriate Zoom links to meet with your tutor.


Discussion Sessions & Exam Reviews

Discussion sessions and exam reviews are open! Click here to see the calendar of CLUE events. To attend these sessions, go to the calendar, click on the event you want to attend, join the event, and a zoom link will be provided to you.

If the event says "This event is currently closed", that simply means we haven't opened the zoom room yet, so check back closer to the start time of the event! We will open events 15-30 minutes prior to the start time.

These include courses outside of our main subject areas. Check to see if your course is listed! More will be added throughout the quarter.

Frequently Asked Questions

You are expected to bring your own questions regarding your lecture material, course homework, exams, or practice problems. We will first ask you to explain your approach to the problem before we start helping you. This helps us to see what type of mistakes you have made and which concept you are missing. Then, we will ask leading questions and hopefully guide you to a satisfactory answer.

  • We can explain/walk you through a hard concept that you have encountered in class. 
  • We can assist you to approach and solve a problem by giving helpful hints and resources.   
  • We make sure students understand the concept behind each problem and know how to apply them when encountering similar problems in the future. 

Questions. They can be problems that you have worked on but failed to obtain the correct answer or a hard concept from class that you do not understand.

If you have more questions, feel free to put yourself back on the queue before 10:45 p.m.!

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